GUACAMOLE-884: Document implications of using drawStream() vs. the other drawing functions.
diff --git a/guacamole-common-js/src/main/webapp/modules/Display.js b/guacamole-common-js/src/main/webapp/modules/Display.js
index 0bc569f..853c69a 100644
--- a/guacamole-common-js/src/main/webapp/modules/Display.js
+++ b/guacamole-common-js/src/main/webapp/modules/Display.js
@@ -595,7 +595,10 @@
      * Draws the image within the given stream at the given coordinates. The
      * image will be loaded automatically, and this and any future operations
-     * will wait for the image to finish loading.
+     * will wait for the image to finish loading. This function will
+     * automatically choose an approriate method for reading and decoding the
+     * given image stream, and should be preferred for received streams except
+     * where manual decoding of the stream is unavoidable.
      * @param {Guacamole.Layer} layer
      *     The layer to draw upon.