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groovyVersion = 1.6.10-SNAPSHOT
# bundle version format: major('.'minor('.'micro('.'qualifier)?)?)? (first 3 only digits)
groovyBundleVersion = 1.6.10.SNAPSHOT
# uncomment the following line to enable java5 elements in the build
# Many people have reported problems testing UberTestCaseGroovySourceSubPackages, others have no difficulties with the default
# values ant junit task uses. The decision has been taken to provide the values to try and cause the least
# hassle to the most people.
groovyJUnit_ms = 256m
groovyJUnit_mx = 256m
groovyJUnit_permSize = 64m
groovycMain_mx = 512m
groovycTest_mx = 1G
groovycExamples_mx = ${groovycMain_mx}
javaDoc_mx = 512m
groovyDoc_mx = 640m