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// Check if dependency resolution is happening at configuration time
def resolvingAllowed = false
int pcount = allprojects.size()
allprojects { p ->
p.afterEvaluate {
resolvingAllowed = --pcount == 0
def checkResolution = { cnf ->
cnf.incoming.beforeResolve {
if (!resolvingAllowed) {
def e = new RuntimeException()
List<StackTraceElement> inGradleBuild = e.stackTrace.findAll { it.fileName?.endsWith('.gradle') && !it.fileName.endsWith('bad-practices.gradle') }
def stack = inGradleBuild.collect {
" at ${it.fileName}:${it.lineNumber}"
throw new IllegalStateException("Configuration $cnf in project $p is being resolved at configuration time.\nThis shouldn't be necessary and usually indicates an error in the build script.\nSee :\n${stack}")
// This will make sure we also capture problems with detached configurations
// However it will only do so with build scripts that use dynamic Groovy
p.configurations.metaClass = new ContainerMetaclassClass(p.configurations.metaClass, checkResolution)
class ContainerMetaclassClass extends DelegatingMetaClass {
Closure configuration
ContainerMetaclassClass(MetaClass metaClass, Closure configuration) {
this.configuration = configuration
Object invokeMethod(Object object, String name, Object[] args) {
maybeConfigure(super.invokeMethod(object, name, args), name)
Object invokeMethod(Object object, String name, Object arg) {
maybeConfigure(super.invokeMethod(object, name, arg), name)
private Object maybeConfigure(Object object, String name) {
if ('detachedConfiguration' == name) {