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package org.apache.griffin.measure.datasource.cache
import org.apache.spark.sql.SparkSession
import org.apache.griffin.measure.Loggable
import org.apache.griffin.measure.datasource.TimestampStorage
import org.apache.griffin.measure.utils.ParamUtil._
object StreamingCacheClientFactory extends Loggable {
private object DataSourceCacheType {
val ParquetRegex = "^(?i)parq(uet)?$".r
val JsonRegex = "^(?i)json$".r
val OrcRegex = "^(?i)orc$".r
import DataSourceCacheType._
val _type = "type"
* create streaming cache client
* @param sparkSession sparkSession in spark environment
* @param checkpointOpt data source checkpoint/cache config option
* @param name data source name
* @param index data source index
* @param tmstCache the same tmstCache instance inside a data source
* @return streaming cache client option
def getClientOpt(sparkSession: SparkSession, checkpointOpt: Option[Map[String, Any]],
name: String, index: Int, tmstCache: TimestampStorage
): Option[StreamingCacheClient] = {
checkpointOpt.flatMap { param =>
try {
val tp = param.getString(_type, "")
val dsCache = tp match {
case ParquetRegex() =>
StreamingCacheParquetClient(sparkSession, param, name, index, tmstCache)
case JsonRegex() =>
StreamingCacheJsonClient(sparkSession, param, name, index, tmstCache)
case OrcRegex() =>
StreamingCacheOrcClient(sparkSession, param, name, index, tmstCache)
case _ =>
StreamingCacheParquetClient(sparkSession, param, name, index, tmstCache)
} catch {
case e: Throwable =>
error("generate data source cache fails")