Apache Griffin Development Environment Building Guide

We have pre-built Griffin docker images for Griffin developers. You can use those images directly, which set up a ready development environment for you much faster than building the environment locally.

Set Up with Docker Images

Here are step-by-step instructions of how to pull Docker images from the repository and run containers using the images.

Run or Debug locally

For service module

If you need to develop the service module, you need to modify some configuration in the following files. Docker host is your machine running the docker containers, which means if you install docker and run docker containers on, then the <docker host ip> is

In service/src/main/resources/application.properties

spring.datasource.url = jdbc:postgresql://<docker host ip>:35432/quartz?autoReconnect=true&useSSL=false

hive.metastore.uris = thrift://<docker host ip>:39083

elasticsearch.host = <docker host ip>
elasticsearch.port = 39200

In service/src/main/resources/sparkJob.properties

livy.uri=http://<docker host ip>:38998/batches

yarn.uri=http://<docker host ip>:38088

Now you can start the service module in your local IDE, running or debugging org.apache.griffin.core.GriffinWebApplication.

For UI module

If you only wanna develop the UI module, you just need to modify some configuration.

In ui/angular/src/app/service/service.service.ts

// public BACKEND_SERVER = "";
public BACKEND_SERVER = 'http://<docker host ip>:38080';

Making the change above, you can test your UI module by using remote service.

However, on the most of conditions, you need to develop the UI module with some modification in service module. Then you need to follow the steps above for service module first, and in ui/angular/src/app/service/service.service.ts

// public BACKEND_SERVER = "";
public BACKEND_SERVER = 'http://localhost:8080';

Making the change, you can start service module locally, and test your UI module using local service.

For measure module

If you only wanna develop the measure module, you can ignore both of service or UI module. You can test your measure JAR built in the docker container, using the existed spark environment.

For debug purpose, you'd better install hadoop, spark, hive locally, so you can test your program more quickly.

Deploy on docker container

Firstly, in the incubator-griffin directory, build you packages at once.

mvn clean install

For service module and ui module

  1. Login to docker container, and stop running griffin service.
docker exec -it <griffin docker container id> bash
cd ~/service
ps -ef | grep service.jar
kill -9 <pid of service.jar>
  1. Service and ui module are both packaged in service/target/service-<version>.jar, copy it into your docker container.
docker cp service-<version>.jar <griffin docker container id>:/root/service/service.jar
  1. In docker container, start the new service.
cd ~/service
nohup java -jar service.jar > service.log &

Now you can follow the service log by tail -f service.log.

For measure module

  1. Measure module is packaged in measure/target/measure-<version>.jar, copy it into your docker container.
docker cp measure-<version>.jar <griffin docker container id>:/root/measure/griffin-measure.jar
  1. Login to docker container, and overwrite griffin-measure.jar onto hdfs inside.
docker exec -it <griffin docker container id> bash
hadoop fs -rm /griffin/griffin-measure.jar
hadoop fs -put /root/measure/griffin-measure.jar /griffin/griffin-measure.jar

Now the griffin service will submit jobs by using this new griffin-measure.jar.

Build new griffin docker image

For end2end test, you will need to build a new griffin docker image, for more convenient test.

  1. Pull the docker build repo on your docker host.
git clone https://github.com/bhlx3lyx7/griffin-docker.git
  1. Copy your measure and service JAR into griffin_spark2 directory.
cp service-<version>.jar <path to>/griffin-docker/griffin_spark2/prep/service/service.jar
cp measure-<version>.jar <path to>/griffin-docker/griffin_spark2/prep/measure/griffin-measure.jar
  1. Build your new griffin docker image. In griffin_spark2 directory.
cd <path to>/griffin-docker/griffin_spark2
docker build -t <image name>[:<image version>] .
  1. If you are using another image name (or version), you need also modify the docker-compose file you're using.
  image: <image name>[:<image version>]
  1. Now you can run your new griffin docker image.
docker-compose -f <docker-compose file> up -d