Title: How to Contribute

Gora Development Process

Gora assumes a development process encouraged by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). ASF is based on meritocracy. We encourage open discussion and open development. Nearly everything in Gora is done over on the mailing lists and Jira issues.

Simply put, gora needs you help to move forward. Like all open source projects, you can help gora in several ways:

  • Bug reporting: No software is bug-free. So please report any issues that arise while using Gora by commenting on an existing bug, or opening a new bug report. You can search, and create new bug reports here.
  • Feature Request: Gora should be driven further by feature requests from the community. Reporting ideas for improvement on existing features and new features can help the developers to re-arrange priorities for the project. Use the issue tracker for reporting feature requests, or mention your idea at the dev@ mailing list.
  • Developing Patches: We of course welcome patches from the community. If you find an issue you want to fix, create the issue, develop the patch and attach the patch to the issue. You can see some of the newbie issues here
  • Sharing Use Cases: You can share how you use gora in your projects. We also encourage users to add thier use cases to our PoweredBy page.
  • Contributing Documentation: You can also contribute to the ongoing documentation effort of the project by editing wiki pages, improving javadocs or writing blog posts. You can also answer user questions at the mailing lists.
  • Spreading the word: We encourage you to share your feedback on gora with us and with others, by tweeting, blogging, etc.
  • Participating in GSoC: As a community and project, Gora has a successful record in participating in Google Summer of Code. As a community we greatly encourage students to engage in such efforts.