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= Apache Geronimo JWT Auth
:jbake-date: 2018-07-24
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Apache Geronimo JWT Auth is an implementation of Microprofile JWT Auth.
It provides a way to validate and interact with a JWT metadata.
== Dependencies
=== API
=== Implementation
=== Test a service layer (without servlet layer)
In 1.0.0 you have to mock a request and use the Geronimo JWT Auth extension
to mock the JWT context. In 1.0.1 this is simplified thanks to  `TokenAccessor`
abstraction which requires only to provide the "current" token.
In this same version a token can be instantiated thanks to `JwtParser` (previously you had to
implement `JsonWebToken` yourself).
Here is a test - assuming you have CDI injections, which is the case with Arquillian, Meecrowave etc...:
public class DemoTest {
private GeronimoJwtAuthExtension extension;
private JwtParser parser;
void testJwtService() throws ServletException, IOException {
() -> parser.createToken(
.add("iss", "")
() -> {
// do test here
TIP: if you use that a lot you will likely want to wrap it in a JUnit or TestNG extension.