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Integrate Jexl into gshell-parser
Re-hookup Download monitor stuff for gshell-artifact-maven
try to get it working for gshell-artifact-ivy too?
Create single VFS configuration component, reduce the number of objects needed at boot
Create a repo:// filesystem
Add VFS authentication support
default if no activation rules, activate all bundles
namespace muck for application.xml
add open command, only activate on osx
add activation stuff to plugin parser
how to extend URLClassLoader?
Merge Application and Branding
Better handling for Object arguments/return for commands and variable passing
CommandsCompleter doesn't complete in group, implement CommandPathCompleter
Voodoo, something cool which will load a plugin, then cache the basic details for the shell
to function, so next time it won't need to load the plugin until a plugin command is executed
Add dynamic cached conversion of spring xml into fastinfoset2, just like classpath building
Add gshell-maven-plugin, to launch a gshell application from Maven, execute commands, etc.
Add custom plugin components.xml loading, say from <gshell.home>/etc/<>/<>/components.xml
optional of course, but will allow for customization of the default components in the correct container
Add more fileutils commands: