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= Arthur Knights
Knight is the name given to Arthur extensions.
The extensions are generally responsible to generate a valid configuration to let a library become native.
== Available knights
- link:jsch-knight.html[JSch]: it contains some end user API integrated with built-in extensions to simplify application graal-ification,
- link:winegrower-knight.html[Winegrower]: Apache winegrower (Cloud OSGi runtime) support.
- link:openwebbeans-knight.html[OpenWebBeans]: Apache OpenWebBeans (CDI SE runtime) support.
- link:slf4j-knight.html[SLF4J]: SLF4J (JUL) integration.
- derby-knight: Apache Derby integration.
- openjpa-knight: Apache OpenJPA integration.
== Configure a Knight in Arthur Maven plugin
A knight can is typically configured in `graalExtensions`, it can used the long notation but also a shortcut notation since all Knights respect the same convention.
Typically the following knight:
Can just be referenced as `jsch` in the Arthur Maven plugin:
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