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  2. main.cpp

Put-get-remove example

This is a very simple example showing how to create a Cache using the CacheFactory, configure a Pool with a PoolFactory, and configure a Region with a RegionFactory. We then put, get, and remove some primitive data in the region.


  • An installation of Apache Geode.
  • Apache Geode Native, built and installed.
  • Apache Geode Native examples, built and installed.
  • A GEODE_HOME environment variable set to the location of the Apache Geode installation.
  • GEODE_HOME/bin in the execution path.


  1. Set the current directory to the put-get-remove directory in your example workspace.
$ cd workspace/examples/cpp/put-get-remove
  1. Run the script to start the Geode server, create a region, and populate the region with sample data.
$ sh ./

(1) Executing - start locator --name=locator
(2) Executing - start server --name=server
(3) Executing - create region --name=example_userinfo --type=PARTITION

Member | Status
------ | ----------------------------------------------
server | Region "/example_userinfo" created on "server"
  1. Execute put-get-remove:
$ build/put-get-remove
Storing id and username in the region
Getting the user info from the region
  rtimmons = Robert Timmons
  scharles = Sylvia Charles
Removing rtimmons info from the region
rtimmons's info successfully deleted
  1. Stop the server
$ sh ./
(1) Executing - connect
(2) Executing - stop server --name=server
(3) Executing - stop locator --name=locator