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  1. Dockerfile

Apache Geode Native Client User Guides

This document contains instructions for building and viewing the Apache Geode Native Client User Guides.

Bookbinder Usage

Bookbinder is meant to be used from within a project called a book. The book includes a configuration file that describes which documentation repositories to use as source materials. Bookbinder provides a set of scripts to aggregate those repositories and publish them to various locations.

For Geode Native Client, a preconfigured book is provided for each user guide (C++ and .NET) in the directories _geode-native-project-dir_/docs/geode-native-book-cpp and _geode-native-project-dir_/docs/geode-native-book-dotnet. Each book gathers content from the language-specific directory geode-native-project-dir/docs/geode-native-docs-cpp or geode-native-docs-dotnet. You can use this configuration to build an HTML version of the Apache Geode Native Client User Guides on your local system.

Docker Setup

For ease of use, a Docker image is provided that contains a self-consistent Bookbinder environment. Install Docker if you have not already done so.

Building the Documentation

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains the Dockerfile and run the docker build command to create the Bookbinder-enabled Docker image:

    $ cd geode-native/docs/manual-build
    $ docker build -t geode-native-userman .
  2. Run the Docker image in interactive mode with a command similar to the following:

    $ docker run -it -p 9292:9292 -p 1234:1234 -v PATH-TO-GEODE-NATIVE/docs:/docs geode-native-userman

    where PATH-TO-GEODE-NATIVE is the fully-qualified path to the geode-native repo. This brings up the interactive Docker container, with / as your current working directory.

  3. To build the documentation, cd to the book directory:

    For C++ guide:

    $ cd docs/geode-native-book-cpp

    For .NET guide:

    $ cd docs/geode-native-book-dotnet
  4. Run bundle install to install the dependencies required to build the user guide.

    $ bundle install
  5. Invoke bookbinder to build the user guide. Bookbinder converts the markdown source into HTML, which it puts in the final_app directory:

    $ bundle exec bookbinder bind local
  6. To start a local website of the Apache Geode Native Client User Guide, navigate to the final_app directory and run rackup:

    $ cd final_app
    $ rackup

    Note: You may be prompted to run bundle install to supply any missing components. Do that, then re-try the rackup command.

    You can now view the local documentation in a browser at http://localhost:9292.