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Geode cache loader example

This is a simple example that demonstrates loading values using a CacheLoader. Invoking Region.get() causes the CacheLoader to produce a value that is stored in the region. This approach is commonly used to fetch data from other systems like a database.

This example assumes you have installed Java and Geode.


  1. From the geode-examples/loader directory, build the example and run unit tests

     $ ../gradlew build
  2. Next start the locator and two servers

     $ gfsh run --file=scripts/start.gfsh
  3. Run the example to load the entries

     $ ../gradlew run

    The example fetches the entries twice. The first retrieval is slow, simulating a network call. Subsequent retrievals are much faster since the values are stored in the cache. The loader logs requests into the Geode server logs. You can find those at build/server1/server1.log or build/server2/server2.log.

  4. Shut down the system:

     $ gfsh run --file=scripts/stop.gfsh