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         work under the Apache license. You grant the same rights (copyright
         license, patent license, etc.) to the Apache Software Foundation as if
         you have signed a <link
-        xlink:href="">Contributor
+        xlink:href="">Contributor
         License Agreement</link>. For contributions that are judged to be
         non-trivial, you will be asked to actually signing a Contributor
         License Agreement.</para>
@@ -1562,6 +1562,14 @@
+            <para>Do a clean checkout of the branch to release, just to ensure
+            that you won't include any files temporary files that you put
+            there during development. Work in that checkout from now on. Don't
+            forget to create the <literal></literal> in
+            it.</para>
+          </listitem>
+          <listitem>
             <para><literal>ant dist</literal></para>
@@ -1653,8 +1661,7 @@
-            <para>Voting on the FreeMarker developer list (the podling project
-            list)</para>
+            <para>Voting on the FreeMarker developer list</para>
@@ -1722,7 +1729,8 @@
             role="bold">release</emphasis>/freemarker and commit them. (Of
             course get rid of any voting attempt numbers in the directory
-            names.) Now they should appear under <link
+            names.) After a few minutes of delay, they should appear under
+            <link
@@ -1751,10 +1759,10 @@
             <para>Update <literal>doap.rdf</literal> in the
-            <literal>freemarker-site</literal> repository (don't forget to
-            commit it into the <literal>asf-site</literal> branch as well, not
-            just into <literal>master</literal>, or else it's not
-            published)</para>
+            <literal>freemarker-site</literal> repository, by adding a new
+            <literal>release</literal> element. Don't forget to commit it into
+            the <literal>asf-site</literal> branch as well, not just into
+            <literal>master</literal>, or else it's not published.</para>