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Apache FreeMarker Generator

For documentation or to report bugs visit:

Regarding pull requests on GitHub

By sending a pull request you grant the Apache Software Foundation sufficient rights to use and release the submitted work under the Apache license. You grant the same rights (copyright license, patent license, etc.) to the Apache Software Foundation as if you have signed a Contributor License Agreement. For contributions that are judged to be non-trivial, you will be asked to actually signing a Contributor License Agreement.

What is Apache FreeMarker Generator?

FreeMarker Generator is a set of tools that generates files based on FreeMarker templates and data that's typically provided in files (such as JSON files) as well. It can be used to generated source code, configuration files, etc.

Currently, it can be invoked as a

  • Command-line interface freemarker-generator
  • Maven plug-in freemarker-generator-maven-plugin

Building Apache FreeMarker Generator

To create the artifacts locally run

mvn clean install

To build the documentation site run

mvn clean site site:stage

Releasing Apache FreeMarker Generator

Releasing an Apache project is a dark art mastered only be the fiercest of software developers - in other words we try to find out how to make the first release :-)

What currently works

mvn clean install -Prelease mvn deploy


Apache FreeMarker Generator is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See the LICENSE file for more details!