Updated Fluo to build and run with Java 11 (#1078)

Fluo was not building and running with Java 11.  Twill was causing
problems with Java 11.  Since twill was part of the built in support for
running Fluo in YARN that was deprecated in Fluo 1.2.0 it was removed
along with the deprected fluo-cluster module, related fluo script
commands, and deprecated fluo properties file. Also some deperecated
methods in the Fluo configuration API had to be dropped.  Because of the
changes to the API and scripts, Fluo's version was bumped to

Another reason to drop Twill is that it does not seem to support Hadoop 3.

Fluo initialization was assuming the System classloader was a URL
classloader.  This assumption is no longer true in Java 11.  This code
was updated to use the java system property java.class.path.

Findbugs was not working with Java 11, so this was replaced with
spotbugs in the poms.  Some changes were made to fix some issue found by

* code review updates
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Apache Fluo is a distributed processing system that lets users make incremental updates to large data sets. With Apache Fluo, users can set up workflows that execute cross node transactions when data changes. These workflows enable users to continuously join new data into large existing data sets without reprocessing all data. Apache Fluo is built on Apache Accumulo. Check out the Fluo project website for news and general information.

Getting Started

  • Take the Fluo Tour if you are completely new to Fluo.
  • Read the Fluo documentation to learn how to install Fluo and start a Fluo application on a cluster where Accumulo, Hadoop & Zookeeper are running. If you need help setting up these dependencies, see the related projects page for external projects that may help.