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Fluo YARN launcher

A tool for running Apache Fluo applications in Hadoop YARN.


The Fluo YARN launcher requires Apache Fluo and Hadoop YARN:

SoftwareRecommended VersionMinimum Version

See the related projects page for external projects that may help in setting up these dependencies.

Set up your Fluo application

Before you can launch a Fluo application in YARN, you should follow Fluo's install instructions to install Fluo and initialize a Fluo application. After your application has been initialized, follow the insructions below to install the Fluo YARN launcher and run your application in YARN. Avoid using the fluo command to start local oracle and worker processes if you are running in YARN.

Install and Configure Fluo YARN launcher

Before you can install the Fluo YARN launcher, you will need to obtain a distribution tarball. It is recommended that you download the latest release. You can also build a distribution from the master branch by following these steps which create a tarball in distribution/target:

git clone
cd fluo-yarn/
mvn package

After you obtain a Fluo YARN distribution tarball, follow these steps to install Fluo.

  1. Choose a directory with plenty of space, untar the distribution, and run to retrieve dependencies:

     tar -xvzf fluo-yarn-1.0.0-bin.tar.gz
     cd fluo-yarn-1.0.0

    The distribution contains a fluo-yarn script in bin/ that administers Fluo and the following configuration files in conf/:

    | Configuration file | Description | |-----------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | Configures classpath for fluo-yarn script. Required for all commands. | | | Configures how application runs in YARN. Required for start command. | | | Configures logging |

  2. Configure

    • Set FLUO_HOME if it is not in your environment
    • Modify FLUO_CONN_PROPS if you don't want use the default.
  3. Configure to set how your application will be launched in YARN:

    • YARN resource manager hostname
    • Number of oracle and worker instances
    • Max memory usage per oracle/worker

    If you are managing multiple Fluo applications in YARN, you can copy this file and configure it for each application.

Start Fluo application in YARN

Follow the instructions below to start a Fluo application which contain an oracle and multiple workers.

  1. Configure and if you have not already.

  2. Run the commands below to start your Fluo application in YARN.

     fluo-yarn start myapp conf/

    The commands will retrieve your application configuration and observer jars (using your application name) before starting the application in YARN.

Manage Fluo application in YARN

Except for stopping your application in YARN, the fluo script can be used to manage your application using the scan and wait commands. See Fluo's install instruction for more information.

When you want you stop your Fluo application, use the the YARN resource manager or the yarn application -kill <App ID> to stop the application in YARN.