Configure Azure image with CentOS 8.x

To configure CentOS 8.x, simply modify the sku as shown below. This will install CentOS 8.2 Generation 2 Azure VMs. To know more about Generation 2 VMs on Azure, please visit the doc


Run the Azure CLI command to determine the list of SKU's available for CentOS in a given region

az vm image list-skus -l <region> -f CentOS -p OpenLogic -o table

For illustration, provided a sample output that displays the sku list from westus2 region. The sku name 8_1, 8_2 implicitly refers to Generation 1 Azure VMs.

$ az vm image list-skus -l westus2 -f CentOS -p OpenLogic -o table
Location    Name
--------   ------
westus2     7_8-gen2
westus2     8.0
westus2     8_0-gen2
westus2     8_1
westus2     8_1-gen2
westus2     8_2
westus2     8_2-gen2