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Apache Fluo Docker Image

This is currently a work in progress that depends on unreleased features of Fluo and will not be ready for use until after Fluo 1.2.0 is released. Sometime after Fluo 1.2.0 is released this project will make its first release. Eventually, this will project will create a apache/fluo image at DockerHub. Until then, you will need to build your own image.

This project creates the official Apache Fluo docker image.

Getting Started

Obtain the Docker image

To obtain the docker image created by this project, you can either pull it from DockerHub at apache/fluo or build it yourself. To pull the image from DockerHub, run the command below:

docker pull apache/fluo

While it is easier to pull from DockerHub, the image will default to the software versions below:


If these versions do not match what is running on your cluster, you should consider building your own image with matching versions. However, Fluo must be 1.2+.

Build the Docker image

Below are instructions for building an image:

  1. Clone the Fluo docker repo

     git clone
  2. Until Fluo 1.2 is released, build a Fluo tarball distribution and copy it to the root directory of the repo.

     git clone
     cd fluo/
     mvn clean package
     cp modules/distribution/target/fluo-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-bin.tar.gz /path/to/fluo-docker/
  3. Build the default Fluo docker image using the command below.

     cd /path/to/fluo-docker
     docker build -t fluo .

    Or build the Fluo docker image with specific versions of Hadoop, Zookeeper, etc using the command below:

     docker build --build-arg ZOOKEEPER_VERSION=3.4.8 --build-arg ACCUMULO_VERSION=1.7.3 --build-arg HADOOP_VERSION=2.7.0 -t fluo .

Next steps

Read the documentation for instructions on how run Fluo using docker.