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Publishing the Apache Flume web site requires:

  1. Clone this repository into a local directory.
  2. Checking out the asf-staging branch.
  3. Performing any updates that are required.
  4. In the root directory run mvn package.
  5. Open your browser to point to /target/site/index.html and review the site.
  6. When the changes look ok run ‘mvn resources:copy-resources@install’.
  7. Perform git add on the affected files and `git commit'.
  8. Perform git push.
  9. After a few minutes review https://flume.staged.apache.org and make sure the appropriate changes are present.
  10. Once the site has been approved checkout the asf-site branch.
  11. Perform git rebase asf-staging followed by git push.
  12. After a few minutes verify that https://flume.apache.org has the correct changes.

Further information regarding what to edit in the site during a release may be found at How to Release - Update the Web Site.