An Apache Flink subproject to provide storage for dynamic tables.

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Flink Table Store

Flink Table Store is a data lake storage for streaming updates/deletes changelog ingestion and high-performance queries in real time.

Flink Table Store is developed under the umbrella of Apache Flink.

Documentation & Getting Started

Please check out the full documentation, hosted by the ASF, for detailed information and user guides.

Check our quick-start guide for simple setup instructions to get you started with the table store.


Run the mvn clean package -DskipTests command to build the project.

Then you will find a JAR file with all shaded dependencies: flink-table-store-dist/target/flink-table-store-dist-<version>.jar.


You can learn more about how to contribute on the Apache Flink website. For code contributions, please read carefully the Contributing Code section for an overview of ongoing community work.


The code in this repository is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.