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Flink Operations Playground

The Flink operations playground lets you explore and play with Apache Flink's features to manage and operate stream processing jobs, including

  • Observing automatic failure recovery of an application
  • Upgrading and rescaling an application
  • Querying the runtime metrics of an application

It's based on a docker-compose environment and is super easy to setup.


The operations playground requires a custom Docker image, as well as public images for Flink, Kafka, and ZooKeeper.

The docker-compose.yaml file of the operations playground is located in the operations-playground directory. Assuming you are at the root directory of the flink-playgrounds repository, change to the operations-playground folder by running

cd operations-playground

Building the custom Docker image

Build the Docker image by running

docker-compose build

Preparing the Checkpoint and Savepoint Directories

Create the checkpoint and savepoint directories on the Docker host machine (these volumes are mounted by the jobmanager and taskmanager, as specified in docker-compose.yaml):

mkdir -p /tmp/flink-checkpoints-directory
mkdir -p /tmp/flink-savepoints-directory

Starting the Playground

Once you built the Docker image, run the following command to start the playground

docker-compose up -d

You can check if the playground was successfully started by accessing the WebUI of the Flink cluster at http://localhost:8081.

for Windows Users

If you get the error “Unhandled exception: Filesharing has been cancelled”, you should configure file sharing in Docker Desktop before starting. In Settings > Resources > File Sharing, add the operations-playground/conf directory.

Stopping the Playground

To stop the playground, run the following command

docker-compose down

Further instructions

The playground setup and more detailed instructions are presented in the “Getting Started” guide of Flink's documentation.