Apache Flink Kubernetes Operator

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Apache Flink Kubernetes Operator

A Kubernetes operator for Apache Flink, implemented in Java. It allows users to manage Flink applications and their lifecycle through native k8s tooling like kubectl.

Documentation & Getting Started

Please check out the full documentation, hosted by the ASF, for detailed information and user guides.

Check our quick-start guide for simple setup instructions to get you started with the operator.

Features at a glance

  • Deploy and monitor Flink Application, Session and Job deployments
  • Upgrade, suspend and delete deployments
  • Full logging and metrics integration
  • Flexible deployments and native integration with Kubernetes tooling
  • Flink Job Autoscaler

For the complete feature-set please refer to our documentation.

Project Status

Project status: Production Ready

Current API version: v1beta1

To download the latest stable version please visit the Flink Downloads Page. The official operator images are also available on Dockerhub.

Please check out our docs to read about the upgrade process and our backward compatibility guarantees.


Don’t hesitate to ask!

Contact the developers and community on the mailing lists if you need any help.

Open an issue if you found a bug in Flink.


You can learn more about how to contribute in the Apache Flink website. For code contributions, please read carefully the Contributing Code section for an overview of ongoing community work.


The code in this repository is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.