This is a collection of release utils for Apache Flink connectors.


The scripts assume that they are integrated into a connector repo as a submodule into the connector repo under tools/releasing/shared.


Some scripts rely on environment variables to be set.
These are checked at the start of each script.
Any instance of ${some_variable} in this document refers to an environment variable that is used by the respective script.

Runs some pre-release checks for the current environment, for example that all required programs are available.
This should be run once at the start of the release process.

Creates (and pushes!) a new snapshot branch for the current commit.
The branch name is automatically determined from the version in the pom.
This script should be called when work on a new major/minor version of the connector has started.

Updates the version in the poms of the current branch to ${NEW_VERSION}.

Creates a source release from the current branch and pushes it via svn to This will exclude the tools directory where the release utils are mounted. Please ensure that this directory does not contain anything that is needed in the source release.
The project name is automatically determined from the repository name, but can be overridden via ${PROJECT}. The version is automatically determined from the version in the pom.
The created svn directory will contain a -rc${RC_NUM} suffix.

Creates the jars from the current branch and deploys them to
If ${FLINK_VERSION} is defined, the version will be suffixed with the Flink minor version, extracted from ${FLINK_VERSION} to indicate the supported Flink version. If ${FLINK_VERSION} is not defined (for example for flink-connector-parent releases), the version will be the one extracted from the pom. If a particular version of a connector supports multiple Flink versions then this script should be called multiple times.

Copies the source release from the SVN release directory to the SVN release directory on

For safety purposes this script does not automatically determine the project and version from the current directory/branch/tag.

PROJECT=flink-connector-elasticsearch VERSION=3.0.0 RC_NUM=2 ./

Creates a release tag for the current branch and pushes it to GitHub. The tag will be suffixed with -rc${RC_NUM}, if ${RC_NUM} was set.
This script should only be used after the -SNAPSHOT version suffix was removd via

Sets the japicmp reference version in the pom of the current branch to ${NEW_VERSION}, enables compatibility checks for @PublicEvolving when used on snapshot branches an clears the list of exclusions.
This should be called after a release on the associated snapshot branch. If it was a minor release it should additionally be called on the main branch.

Common workflow

  1. run
  2. do some development work on the created snapshot branch
  3. checkout a specific commit to create a release from
  4. run
  5. run
  6. run
  7. run (once for each supported Flink version)
  8. run (with RC_NUM)
  9. vote on release
  10. finalize release or cancel and go back to step 2
  11. run
  12. run (without RC_NUM)
  13. run (on snapshot branch, and maybe main)

Script naming conventions

checkVerifies conditions without making any changes.
updateApplies modifications locally to the current branch.
stagePublishes an artifact to an intermediate location for voting purposes.
releasePublishes an artifact to a user-facing location.