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Apache Flex (Flex)
Apache Flex is an application framework for easily building Flash-based applications
for mobile devices, the browser and desktop.
For detailed information about Apache Flex please visit
Apache Flex is a large project with many pieces. The framework is implemented
in Actionscript and the compiler is implemented in Java.
Currently supported platforms include:
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Apple iOS
Google Android
RIM BlackBerry
Apache Flex is the software evolution of the popular Adobe Flex SDK project.
The community surrounding Flex is vast, diverse, distributed globally, and with all
levels of proficiency in software development. It is estimated that there are between
350,000 and 500,000 Flex developers worldwide.
Getting the latest sources via Subversion
You can always checkout the latest source via subversion using the following
svn co flex
For further information visit
Building Apache Flex
Apache Flex is a large project and depends on several external libraries which
are downloaded as part of the build process.
Before building Flex you must install:
Java SDK 1.5.0_13 or greater
Ant 1.7.0 or greater
ant-contrib-1.0b2.jar in the lib directory of your ant installation
on Windows you need to run from a shell like Cygwin or git bash
The following environment variables must be set:
The PATH must include
bin directory of Flex SDK
bin directory of Ant
bin directory of Java
For testing, the Flash Player's mm.cfg file must have the following entries
and a FlashPlayerTrust file must allow local SWFs to access local files.
With you have all the prerequisites in place, use
cd <flex.dir>
ant main (or just ant since the default target is main)
to download the thirdparty dependencies and build all the sources. Since the thirdparty
dependencies take a little while to download and they don't change very often, they are not
cleaned with the regular clean target. They thirdparty dependencies be found in the "in"
To clean the build, of everything other than the downloaded third-party dependencies use
ant clean
To clean the build, of everything, including the downloaded third-party dependencies use
ant super-clean (which is just thirdparty-clean followed by clean)
To generate a source distro and a binary distro use
ant release
The output distros can be found in the "out" subdirectory.
To download the dependencies use
ant thirdparty-downloads
To clean the build ofjust the downloaded third-party dependencies use
ant thirdparty-clean
To get a brief listing of all the targets type
ant help