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<p>Flash Builder contains the Flex 4 SDK, but if you would like to download the SDK separately or for the documentation downloads visit this link:
<a target="_new" href="">Download Flex 4</a>
Other useful Flex 4 links out are listed below:
<li><a target="_new" href="">What's new in Flex 4 article</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">Test Drive with Flex - Build an app in an hour</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">Flex 4 SDK Info</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">Flex 4 Tutorials and Videos</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">Differences Between Flex 3 and Flex 4
<li><a target="_new" href="">Flex Community Forums</a>
<li><a target="_new" href=""></a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">First Steps in Flex Screencasts</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder Video Training on</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">Tons of resource links</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">The official Flex Team Blog</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">Adobe - Peter DeHaan's Flex Examples Blog</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">Adobe - Joan Lafferty's Blog</a>
<li><a target="_new" href="">About these Samples and More Flex 4 Links - Holly Schinsky's Blog</a>
Additional Note: These samples are best viewed in the AIR version of Tour de Flex. In Web mode we recommend using the expand
button in the top right corner to expand the illustration to the full window. Sizing issues are currently being worked on.