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Mustella README
See the Mustella Wiki Page for more details at:
(Note: This includes information on how to run AIR and mobile tests.)
Install Prerequisites
Mustella requires some variables set: AIR_HOME, FLASHPLAYER_DEBUGGER, PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME, and ANT_HOME. Use absolute file paths
when setting these values as relative path names can cause compilation errors.
There are several places you can set these values (in order of preference):
* from ../ in the main Flex source directory. See ../ for details.
* from shell environment variables.
* from ./ in the Mustella main directory. See ./ This file can set or override
the environment variables as well as setting Mustella-specific values.
Trust Files
Before running any tests, be sure to set up the Flash Player trust configuration. Create or edit a file called and add a line for the full path to the Mustella tests directory according to your platform. This will make the Flash
Player trust all SWFs in that directory structure.
Mac OS X location: /Library/Application Support/Macromedia/FlashPlayerTrust
example: /Users/YourUser/apache/flex/mustella/tests
Windows XP location: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUser\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#Security\FlashPlayerTrust
example: c:\apache\flex\mustella\tests
Windows 7 location: C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#Security\FlashPlayerTrust
example: c:\cygwin\home\YourAccount\apache\flex\mustella\tests
Basic Commands
Run Mustella tests from the mustella directory using the script. Windows users must use a
Unix-compatible shell application. The script produces console output, results.txt (for the list of tests that
pass), and failures.txt (for the list of tests that fail); but passes and failures are also reported on the console log.
./ -all
This command will run all of the tests.
./ -failures
This command will run all of the tests reported in failures.txt; tests that fail will 'timed out' will not be re-run, however.
./ tests/components/Label
This command will run just the tests in the components/Label test directory.
./ -caseName=datagrid_properties_columns_0 tests/components/DataGrid/DataGrid_SparkSkin/Properties/datagrid_properties_columns.mxml
This command runs a specific test case from a specific test file.
Alternate Location of Test Files
You can create Mustella tests for your own components and put them in your own test directory outside of the Flex SDK and Mustella source directories. To do this set the MUSTELLA_TEST_DIR environment variable to the absolute path of the directory containing your tests. Your test directory will need to include the exclude files (ExcludeList*.txt) for the platforms you are testing on but the files may be empty if you have no tests to exclude. After setting MUSTELLA_TEST_DIR, will look in the new directory for tests to run instead of the 'tests' subdirectory of mustella.
To support finding the location of the exclude file during test execution some changes to a test scripts init() method are required. The requirement is the UnitTester.mustellaTestDir property must be set to the url of the test directory. Below is code that sets UnitTester.mustellaTestDir using a relative path from the test script.
import mx.core.FlexGlobals;
import mx.utils.LoaderUtil;
public static function init(o:DisplayObject):void
// Set the directory where the exclude file loads.
var url:String = LoaderUtil.createAbsoluteURL(o.loaderInfo.url, "../../../");
if (!url)
throw new Error("could not find mustella test directory");
if (url.charAt(url.length - 1) == "/")
url = url.substring(0, url.length - 1);
mustellaTestDir = url;