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Welcome to Velocity. Velocity is a general purpose template engine
written in Java. For more information about Velocity, please look at the
HTML documentation in the docs/ directory, as well as the Velocity
web site
Here is a description of what each of the top level directories
contains. Please consult the documentation in each of the lower level
directories for information that is specific to their contents.
bin/ This is a temporary build directory.
build/ This is where the build scripts live.
docs/ This is where the documentation lives.
examples/ This is where the examples live.
src/ This is where all of the source code to Velocity lives.
test/ This is where all of the tests live.
xdocs/ This is the .xml files for building the .html files
related to the website and documentation.
The Java 2 SDK is required to build Velocity.
For users that wish to use Log4J as the logging
system, version 1.1 or newer of Log4J is required.
If you are using an offical Velocity release distribution,
you will find two pre-built Velocity jars in the top level
PLEASE NOTE : Starting with the 1.2 release, we include two jars
with the distribution.
1) velocity-<version>.jar : The Velocity jar that does not include
any external dependencies needed by Velocity, such as the
jakarta-commons-collection classes, Jakarta Avalon Logkit, or
Jakarta ORO. We do this to allow you to use whatever version of
collections, logkit, etc that you wish w/o fear of collision.
These jars are included in the distribution, in
the build/lib directory, or at the respective project sites.
2) velocity-dep-<version>.jar : This is a Velocity jar that includes
all dependencies that were included with previous distribution
jars. It is intended as a convenience to allow you to drop
this 1.3 (or later) distribution in place of existing 1.1 or 1.2-dep
Please see the developers guide for more information.
In order to get started with Velocity, you may want to build it.
Building Velocity is easy. All components necessary to build Velocity are
included, except for the Java 2 SDK and the fabulous Ant build tool
from the Jakarta project.
Note that you must use Ant version 1.4 or later.
To build Velocity's jar, change directory into the build/ directory and
simply type :
ant jar
This will create a bin/ directory containing the Velocity .jar file. Be
sure to update your classpath to include Velocity's .jar file, or when using a
modern servlet container, put it in the WEB-INF/lib directory.
If you wish to build a Velocity jar that contains all dependencies, we have
provided an optional build target for our convenience :
ant jar-dep
This will build a complete Velocity jar with dependencies included, and it can
be found in the /bin directory as
After building Velocity, you can also buld the examples that are included
with the Velocity distribution. These examples show how to use Velocity
in your Java applications and Servlets. There also are examples of
how to use Anakia, a XML transformation engine and an example of a servlet-
based forum application.
For more information, please see the README.txt in the examples/ directory.
-The Velocity Team