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<s:View xmlns:fx=""
xmlns:s="library://" title="ToggleSwitch">
protected function buttonHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
if(currentState == "DemoState"){
currentState = "InfoState";
}else if(currentState == "InfoState"){
currentState = "DemoState";
<s:State name="DemoState"/>
<s:State name="InfoState"/>
<s:MultiDPIBitmapSource id="aboutIcon" source160dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/160/about.png')" source240dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/240/about.png')" source320dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/320/about.png')"/>
<s:MultiDPIBitmapSource id="demoIcon" source160dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/160/dock.png')" source240dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/240/dock.png')" source320dpi="@Embed('assets/icons/320/dock.png')"/>
<s:ToggleSwitch includeIn="DemoState" horizontalCenter="0" y="20" />
<s:TextArea includeIn="InfoState" skinClass="" left="10" right="10" top="10" bottom="10" editable="false" text="The Spark ToggleSwitch control defines a binary switch that can be in the selected or unselected position. The ToggleSwitch consists of a thumb skin part that moves between the two ends of the track skin part, similar to the Spark Slider control.
The ToggleSwitch control has two positions: selected and unselected. By default, the label OFF corresponds to the unselected position and ON corresponds to the selected position.
&#xd; &#xd;Clicking anywhere in the control toggles the position. You can also slide the thumb along the track to change position. When you release the thumb, it moves to the position, selected or unselected, that is closest to the thumb location.
&#xd; &#xd;The ToggleSwitch control uses the following default values for the unselected and selected labels: OFF (unselected) and ON (selected). Define a custom skin to change the labels, or to change other visual characteristics of the control."/>
<s:Button click="buttonHandler(event)" icon.DemoState="{aboutIcon}" icon.InfoState="{demoIcon}"/>