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title: UserAle
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component: UserALE
description: Apache UserALE (User Analytic Logging Engine) is the beating heart of Apache Flagon technology. UserALE provides instrumentation for applications, embedding a light-weight, easy-to-manage behavioral logging capability. UserALE provides comprehensive user event tracking for web pages, but it is specially engineered for thin-client analytical applications. UserALE transmits specially structured messages from your application to an activity logging server whenever users interact with it. Apply UserALE with a single line of code and capture every user interaction without having to separately manage tags on each feature of your application. UserALE works with Elastic and other open source databases–you own your data and you can access it for analysis and automation without restriction. UserALE.js serves Javascript applications. For desktop applications written in PyQt5 see UserALE.PyQt5.
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title: Low-effort
description: Embed UserALE with a single script tag in source, or from your browser console for testing.
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title: Customizable
description: UserALE provides options for custom, manual instrumentation.
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title: Capture every event
description: And the document object model targets of those events, with resolution suitable for advanced behavioral analytics.
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title: Own your own data
description: UserALE utilizes Elastic as a scalable, searchable database for user event log storage.
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title: Low processing overhead
description: UserALE will not adversely affect your applications performance.
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title: Never lose data
description: Temporary offline log storage safeguards from dropped signal due to connectivity issues.
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