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title: Tap
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description: Apache TAP (Test Application Portal) is an experimental visual analytic sandbox for interacting with exploring Apache UserALE data. TAP features registration features served through Django–register your application, organization, and yourself to control access to your applications' usage data and manage custom configurations in TAP. TAP also provides you with a customizable array of interactive visual analytic libraries to extract insights from your usage data. Through TAP you can explore how users interact with each element of your application, and how they interacted with each of them. With TAP you'll also be able to visually compare usage between different segments of your user base and perform A/B usability testing between different versions of your application–you'll have access to any data you collect on your users and statistics, metrics or modeling output that is built into Distill. TAP also provides you with beautiful custom D3 visualizations of your users' workflows in your application. See how they do work with your application and learn how your application design augments their workflow or prevents them from discovering other features. TAP is designed for customization.
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color: blue
title: Understand your users
description: TAP allows you to visualize how you application is used by different sets of users based on their characteristics (e.g., geography, demographics).
icon: ordered list
color: yellow
title: Understand how your application is used
description: TAP comes with custom visualization for how your users interact with elements of your application in sequence revealing insights about how application design affects usage and efficiency.
icon: lock
color: red
title: Control access to your data (coming soon)
description: Control permissions for how your organization can access user data by setting permissions at the institutional level down to access to data collected from specific applications.
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