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title: The Apache Flagon Stack
subtitle: Easy combined deployment with Docker
component: Apache Flagon Stack
description: Apache Flagon is a set of project that provide all the components needed for tracking, analyzing and visualizing user event data. Apache UserALE provides comprehensive user event tracking for web pages, but it is specially engineered for tools–applications users will use in their work. Apache Distill is an analytics framework for handling and analyzing UserALE data. Apache TAP provides you with a customizable array of interactive visual analytic libraries (D3) to extract insights from your usage data. Each component is available on their own through our Apache repositories. However, we have bundled these components into an easy-to-deploy, pre-configured Docker container so that you can begin to collect data as soon as possible.
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title: Containerized
description: Deploy on your infrastructure or in the cloud quickly and easily with Docker.
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title: Ready to Go
description: No configuration or connections to make to get a basic setup up and running.
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title: Customizable
description: Switch out or modify components for your use case. Integrate with your existing system.
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<h2 class="ui header">What's Included?</h2>
The Apache Flagon stack includes a complete backend deployment for Apache UserALE, as well as demonstration versions of Apache Distill, and Apache Tap. These components are connected as seen below and ready to work together out of the box. UserALE clients will still need to be included in the target applications to push logs into the system.
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