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title: Distill
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component: Distill
description: Apache Distill is an analytics framework for handling and analyzing UserALE data. Distill allows you to focus on the data you want and model it. Distill empowers you to learn more from your data than any commercial service; use Distill's analytic libraries to generate statistics on how users interact with different elements of your application and also understand how users interact with your applications. Distill specializes in models of sequence and workflow so that you can understand how users experiment with your application and whether they interact with your application the way you expected. Distill is written in Python and built for scalable growth and customization.
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title: Easy, efficient queries
description: Distill utilizes RESTful APIs to streamline making calls to your UserALE log database.
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title: Segment your data
description: Retrieve on the cases or fields that you want.
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title: Compute gross usage trends
description: Distill comes with built-in statistics libraries so that you can see how much your application is being used and which elements users rely on most.
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title: Model workflow
description: Distill comes with built in graph libraries for studying how user behaviors are sequenced in time allowing you to explore models of how user behavior unfolds over time.
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