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Contributing to Apache Flagon Distill
##TO DO: Update for WIP-Package
Thank you for contributing to the Distill project!
There are certain procedures that must be followed for all contributions. These
procedures are necessary to allow us to allocate resources for reviewing and
testing your contribution, as well as to communicate effectively with you during
the review process.
1) Create an issue in JIRA
All changes to Distill must have a corresponding issue in JIRA so the
change can be properly tracked:
If you do not already have an account on JIRA, you will need to create
before creating your new issue.
2) Make and test your changes locally
The Distill source is maintained in a git repository hosted on Apache:
To make your changes, fork the repository and make commits
to a topic branch in your fork. Commits should be made in logical units
and must reference the JIRA issue number:
$ git commit -m "#SENSSOFT-123: #High-level message describing the changes."
Avoid commits which cover multiple, distinct goals that could (and should)
be handled separately.
If you do not already have an account on JIRA, you will need to create
one before making your changes.
3) Submit your changes via a pull request on Git
Once your changes are ready, submit them by creating a pull request for
the corresponding topic branch you created when you began working on your
The Apache SensSoft team will then review your changes and, if they pass review,
your changes will be merged.