Adding driver property to flyway db migration tasks
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Apache Fineract: A Platform for Microfinance

The next evolution of fineract focussing on being faster, lighter and cheaper to change (than existing mifos) so that it is more responsive to the needs of MFI’s and Integrators


. Java >= 1.8 (Oracle JVMS have been tested) . gradle-wrapper.jar version 2.10 . MySQL 5.5

Instructions to build war file

  1. Extract the archive file to your local directory
  2. Download gradle-wrapper.jar version 2.10 and place it in fineract-provider/gradle/wrapper folder
  3. Change current working directory to fineract-provider
  4. Run ‘./gradlew clean war’ to build deployable war file which will be created at fineract-provider/build/libs directory

Instructions to execute Integration tests

  1. Login to mysql DB using ‘mysql -u root -pmysql’
  2. Create mifosplatform-tenants database using create database mifosplatform-tenants;
  3. Create default tenant database using create database mifostenant-default;
  4. With fineract-provider as current working directory run below commands 4.a. ./gradlew migrateTenantListDB -PdbName=mifosplatform-tenants 4.b. ./gradlew migrateTenantDB -PdbName=mifostenant-default
  5. Run ‘./gradlew clean integrationTest’ Note: In windows environment one test case might fail due to mismatching line ending encoding.

More details of the project can be found at