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Credit Scorecard Plugin for Apache Fineract

This is a Plugin for Apache Fineract. (This work is inspired by the design approach of the fineract-pentaho plugin.)

see TODO for possible future follow-up enhancement work. The TODO list was inherited from fineract-pentaho plugin

Build & Use

This project is currently only tested against the scorecard branch of Fineract. Building and using it against older versions may be possible, but is not tested or documented here.

git clone
git fetch origin && git checkout credit-scorecard
cd fineract && ./gradlew bootJar && cd ..

git clone
cd fineract-credit-scorecard && ./gradlew -x test distZip && cd ..


The run script basically just creates the following directory structure:


and then launches Apache Fineract with the Scorecard Plugin and all its JARs like this:

java -Dloader.path=lib/ -jar fineract-provider.jar


If this Fineract plugin project is useful to you, please contribute back to it (and Fineract) by raising Pull Requests yourself with any enhancements you make, and by helping to maintain this project by helping other users on Issues and reviewing PR from others (you will be promoted to committer on this project when you contribute). We recommend that you Watch and Star this project on GitHub to make it easy to get notified.