Apache Fineract AngularJS web application

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Fims QuickStart Build Status Docker Build


  • Ensure you have Node 6.10.0+ and NPM 3+ installed.
  • Install Node packages npm i


Production build

  • Run license check npm run checkLicenses
  • Run in production mode npm run runProd. This is only to test if AOT is working and should never be used in a production environment.
  • Build production assets npm run build. Files will be stored under /dist.


  • Please follow the best practices here Angular Testing
  • Run karma tests npm run test

Running from Docker container

See https://github.com/apache/fineract-cn-docker-compose for running all the Fineract-CN services from Docker.


The version numbers follow the Semantic Versioning scheme.

In addition to MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH the following postfixes are used to indicate the development state.

  • snapshot - A release currently in development.
  • m - A milestone release include specific sets of functions and are released as soon as the functionality is complete.
  • rc - A release candidate is a version with potential to be a final product, considered code complete.
  • ga - General availability indicates that this release is the best available version and is recommended for all usage.

The versioning layout is {MAJOR}.{MINOR}.{PATCH}-{INDICATOR}[.{PATCH}]. Only milestones and release candidates can have patch versions. Some examples:





See LICENSE file.