Apache Fineract demo server which starts and provisions all services

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Apache Fineract CN Demo Server Build Status

Simple environment used for demo purposes


All Apache Fineract CN projects must be published to your local Maven repository



Just start the class DemoServer

Executable JAR file

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Change directory to your project location
  3. Run gradlew publishToMavenLocal
  4. Change directory to build/libs
  5. Run java -jar demo-server-0.1.0-BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar

Supported Environment Variables

Sample usage: java -jar -Ddemoserver.persistent=true demo-server-0.1.0-BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar

demoserver.persistent (true/false)

Run in persistent mode and to NOT use embedded datastores

demoserver.provision (true/false)

Run the provision steps against the services to bootstrap tenants

demoserver.lite (true/false)

Enabling lite mode (defaults to false) restricts the working set of micro-services to Provisioner, Identity, Rhythm, Organization and Customer


Custom cassandra contact points (multiple values allowed separated by comma e.g.,


cassandra user to use


cassandra password to use


postgresql host to use


postgresql user to use


postgresql password to use