Apache Fineract CN library to hash passwords consistently.

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Apache Fineract CN Crypto Tools Build Status


Utility component to create random salts and hash credentials.


The version numbers follow the Semantic Versioning scheme.

In addition to MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH the following postfixes are used to indicate the development state.

  • BUILD-SNAPSHOT - A release currently in development.
  • M - A milestone release include specific sets of functions and are released as soon as the functionality is complete.
  • RC - A release candidate is a version with potential to be a final product, considered code complete.
  • RELEASE - indicates that this release is the best available version and is recommended for all usage.

The versioning layout is {MAJOR}.{MINOR}.{PATCH}-{INDICATOR}[.{PATCH}]. Only milestones and release candidates can have patch versions. Some examples:



See LICENSE file.