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# Migrating from earlier versions
DependencyManager 4.0 has some API changes that need to be taken into account when migrating from DependencyManager 3.
* A dependency can no longer be shared accross components.
* You no longer have to call setInstanceBound() when adding a dependency from within the init() method of a component. Therefore the setInstanceBound() method has been removed from all Dependency interfaces.
* in the Dependency interface, the following method have been removed: isInstanceBound, invokeAdded, invokeRemoved, createCopy.
* In the Component interface, the "Object Component.getService()" method has been replaced by the "<T> T getInstance()" method.
* In the Component interface, the "void addStateListener(ComponentStateListener listener) method" has been replaced by the "add(ComponentStateListener listener)" method.
* In the Component interface, the "start", "stop", "getDependencies" methods have been removed.
* In the Component interface and in the DependencyManager class, the createTemporalServiceDependency() method is now taking a timeout parameter: createTemporalServiceDependency(long timeout).
* The ComponentStateListener interface has changed: it is now providing a single "changed(Component c, ComponentState state)" method.
* The DependencyManager 4 Shell commands are no longer available for framework specific shell implementations, and support the gogo shell only.
* The TemporalServiceDependency interface has been removed.