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Apache Converter


This is the home for the OSGi R7-compliant Converter. It is an implementation of the Converter Specification. For more details, see Chapter 707 of the OSGi Compendium.

There are two other sister projects: Serializer and Schematizer.


The Serializer, based heavily on the Converter, is useful for transforming a serialized string of text to an object, and vice-versa. Please refer to the project for more details.


Once data is serialized, until you can identity the type of object associated with the serialized data, it is difficult to guess which object the data should be serialized to.

The Schematizer, based on the Converter and the Serializer, is useful in cases where serialized data needs to contain meta data about the type of object serialized. Using the Schematizer, it is possible to serialize different data types to the same stream, then upon deserialization, by reading the meta data determine the object type to be used.

Please refer to the project for more details.