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Release 0.9.4
FELIX-3336 Exceptions related to the pipe used in deployment admin
FELIX-3272 Add property to allow foreign resource processors
FELIX-3515 DeploymentAdmin triggers IOException on install
FELIX-1307 Log situation in DeploymentAdmin impl very unclear
FELIX-3270 Deployment admin incorrectly takes snapshots of bundle data areas
FELIX-3526 DeploymentAdmin fails on windows due to unclosed iostreams
FELIX-1828 Mistake in code of the class UpdateCommand
FELIX-1829 Method AbstractDeploymentPackage.getBundle(...) throws NullPointerException
FELIX-3678 org.apache.felix.deploymentadmin imports wrong version of org.osgi.service.deploymentadmin
FELIX-3139 Implement uninstall() for deployment admin.
Initial Release 0.9.0