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An OSGi Configuration Admin Plugin that can interpolate values in configuration with values obtained elsewhere. Supported sources:

  • Files on disk, for example to be used with Kubernetes secrets
  • Environment variables
  • Framework properties
  • System properties

Usage with Kubernetes secrets

The Kubernetes secrets will surface as file at a certain mountpoint, e.g.:

$ ls /mnt/mysecrets

The file contents are opaque and contain the secret value as-is.

This plugin will replace OSGi Configuration Admin values declared using secrets placeholders. These placeholders start with $[secret: and end with ]. The word inside the placeholder identifies the secret name as found in the secrets directory on the filesystem. For example:
"user": "my-user",
"password": "$[secret:db.password]"

In this example the user name for the database is left as-is but for the password the content of the /mnt/mysecrets/db.password file is used.

Interpolating environment variables

Environment variables can be substituted in configuration values by using the $[env:SOME_VAR] syntax. This will use the value of the SOME_VAR environment variable.

The placeholder can be part of a larger configuration string, for example:
"greeting": "Hello $[env:USER]!"

Interpolating properties

Properties can also be interpolated in the configuration. The properties values are obtained through the BundleContext.getProperty(key) API, which will return the framework property for the key. If the framework property is not specified, the system property with this key is returned.

Property values are obtained through the $[] syntax.

Configuration of the plugin

The plugin needs to be provided with the directory where the secrets can be found on the local filesystem.

This is done through the following property:

  • org.apache.felix.configadmin.plugin.interpolation.dir: specify the directory where the files used for the file-based interpolation, such as Kubernetes secrets, are mounted.

The property can be provided as an OSGi Framework property or alternatively as a Java System Property.