Add github verification for SCR

This adds a github verification workflow for the scr component of felix
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Apache Felix

The Apache Felix project is a collection of semi-related OSGi sub-projects that build and release individually.

Felix Framework

The flagship project is the Apache Felix Framework which implements the OSGi Core R7 specification. The /framework directory contains the source and build tree for the OSGi-compliant framework implementation.

Directly related projects:

  • main /main* - provides an executable jar that launches the Felix framework.

OSGi Core

OSGi Compendium

Several sub-projects cover various OSGi Compendium specifications such as:

Extra Features

Several projects provide extra features to an OSGi runtime.

  • bundle repository /bundlerepository - Bundle repository service.
  • connect /connect - A service registry that enables OSGi style service registry programs without using an OSGi framework.
  • dependency manager /dependencymanager - A versatile java API, allowing to declaratively register, acquire, and manage dynamic OSGi services.
  • fileinstall /fileinstall* - A utility to automatically install bundles from a directory.
  • gogo /gogo - A command line shell, runtime and set of base commands for interacting with and introspecting an OSGi framework.
  • health checks /healthcheck/* - An extensible framework to monitor the status of the OSGi container at runtime. (contains systemready)
  • inventory /inventory - Provides some mechanisms to get the current state of the system and therefore provides an inventory of the system.
  • ipojo /ipojo - A service component runtime aiming to simplify OSGi application development.
  • jaas support /jaas - Bundle to simplify JAAS usage within OSGi environment.
  • logback /logback - A simple integration of the OSGi R7 Log (1.4) service to Logback backend.
  • OSGi metrics /metrics/osgi - Collecting and publishing metrics related to OSGi applications
  • rootcause /rootcause - Finding the root cause of problems with OSGi declarative services components.
  • utils /utils - Utility classes for OSGi (intended for embedding within other bundles.)
  • webconsole /webconsole* - Web Based Management Console for OSGi Frameworks.
  • and many other OSGi things

Build tools

The /tools directory contains various build tools.

  • maven-bundle-plugin /tools/maven-bundle-plugin - A maven plugin for building OSGi bundles.
  • osgicheck-maven-plugin /tools/osgicheck-maven-plugin - Maven plugin for checking several OSGi aspects of your project.