Atomos Substrate Example (atomos-maven-plugin)

This example builds a native image that includes the Equinox Framework implementation with a set of bundles using Graal Substrate. See the substrate README for instructions on building the Substrate examples. This example uses the atomos-maven-plugin plugin to generate an Atomos index which is then included in the native-image. This allows for a native-image that does not require the presence of the original bundle JARs at runtime in an atomos_lib/ folder.

Buiding this example will create a folder target/native_image_build/bin folder that contains the executable org.apache.felix.atomos.examples.substrate.maven. If you launch org.apache.felix.atomos.examples.substrate.maven it will give you a gogo g! prompt to run gogo commands. Also included in this example is a version of the Felix web console. The web console can be access with http://localhost:8080/system/console/bundles and the id/password is admin/admin.