Atomos Substrate Example

This example builds a native image that includes the framework implementation with a set of bundles using Graal Substrate. See the substrate README for instructions on building the Substrate examples.

Buiding this example will create a target/atomos executable. If you launch atomos it will give you a gogo g! prompt to run gogo commands. Also included in this example is a version of the Felix web console. The web console can be access with http://localhost:8080/system/console/bundles and the id/password is admin/admin.

For this example a directory target/atomos_lib/ is created. This contains all the original bundle JARs that got compiled into the native image atomos. In order to launch the native atomos you must be in the directory containing both atomos and the atomos_lib/ folder. This is a simple way for Atomos to discover the available bundles and load additional bundle entries at runtime.