FALCON-2341 Entity SLA Alert publishing wrong results into DB

Author: Amit Khanna <amit.khanna@inmobi.com>

Reviewers: @pallavi-rao

Closes #415 from amitkhanna1806/apache-falcon and squashes the following commits:

f61fd66cf [Amit Khanna] SLA High should be true if TAG_CRITICAL
10a989c57 [Amit Khanna] FALCON-2341 Entity SLA Alert publishing wrong results into DB
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Apache Falcon

Falcon is a feed processing and feed management system aimed at making it easier for end consumers to onboard their feed processing and feed management on hadoop clusters.

Why Apache Falcon?

  • Dependencies across various data processing pipelines are not easy to establish. Gaps here typically leads to either incorrect/partial processing or expensive reprocessing. Repeated duplicate definition of a single feed multiple times can lead to inconsistencies / issues.

  • Input data may not arrive always on time and it is required to kick off the processing without waiting for all data to arrive and accommodate late data separately

  • Feed management services such as feed retention, replications across clusters, archival etc are tasks that are burdensome on individual pipeline owners and better offered as a service for all customers.

  • It should be easy to onboard new workflows/pipelines

  • Smoother integration with metastore/catalog

  • Provide notification to end customer based on availability of feed groups (logical group of related feeds, which are likely to be used together)

Online Documentation

You can find the documentation on Apache Falcon website.

How to Contribute

Before opening a pull request, please go through the Contributing to Apache Falcon wiki. It lists steps that are required before creating a PR and the conventions that we follow. If you are looking for issues to pick up then you can look at starter tasks or open tasks

Release Notes

You can download release notes of previous releases from the following links.