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To get started with the example you will need jdk 1.5.0_x,
where x is pretty recent (>= 15), or any release of jdk 1.6.
You will also need ant 1.7.0, with ant .net plugin if you
want to build csharp. You will also need microsoft .net
sdk 2.0 for csharp builds.
To build:
> ant
This will run the default target which will build both java
and csharp programs. You can also use build-java or build-csharp
targets to build only java or only csharp.
To run java chat, open a cmd window and run these commands:
> cd target\bin
> start java -cp chat.jar
> start java -cp chat.jar
> start java -cp chat.jar
Two chat clients will be started; there is a help command;
login as a different user in each with any password; they
can chat with each other!
To run csharp chat:
> cd target\bin
> start ChatListener.exe
> start ChatClient.exe
> start ChatClient.exe
You can mix and match the various clients and listeners.