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Apache ECharts Theme Builder


  • TypeScript
  • Vue 3
  • Element Plus
  • Vite


  • index.html Entry HTML that for development preview usage
  • body.html Body HTML that will be final integrated when deploying
  • src Source folder.
  • dist Distribution folder. It will be copied when deploying.

Recommanded Environment

  • VSCode + Volar

Vetur need to be disabled in this workspace because it‘s not support setup feature yet. You can replace the code using setup feature if you don’t like it.


Get boilerplate

degit pissang/echarts-www-spa-boilerplate yourProjectName


npm i

Start dev

npm run dev


npm run release

Create a Page in echarts-www

cd echarts-www
npm run create:page
  • Project Name: Name of this project. It will be used to locate the project folder.
  • Page Name: Page name of this tool. Page URL will be${pageName}/index.html.
  • Page Title: Title of this page tool.
  • Page Chinese Title: Chinese title of this page tool.

Global Variables from echarts-www


Language of page. Can be ‘zh’ or ‘en’