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Examples of ECharts


npm install


npm run dev


npm run release

It will copy all the build resources to echarts-website/next/examples

Use local echarts build

  1. Update the URL of localEChartsMinJS in common/config.js
  2. Add local=1 in URL. For example: editor.html?c=area-basic&local=1

Edit example

All test cases are in the public/examples/ts folder. The comment in the header

title: Area Pieces
titleCN: 折线图区域高亮
category: 'line, visualMap'

describes the meta info of this example.

If you want to record a video to show the animation when genering screenshot. Use videoStart and videoEnd:

title: Bar Race
titleCN: 动态排序柱状图
category: bar
difficulty: 5
videoStart: 1000
videoEnd: 6000

Most of examples are written in TypeScript. You need to comile it to JavaScript by using command:

npm run compile:example

Some built-in features available in examples

Import third-party library

For example:

  $.getScript(ROOT_PATH + '/data/asset/js/xxxx.js'),
).done(function () {
  // ...

Controller panel

Use this code to enable controller panel for a example:

app.config = {
    aNameForTheSelectWidget: 'This is the initial value'
    aNameForTheRangeWidget: 45,
    aNameForTheButtonWidget: function () {
        // Do something.
    onChange: function () {
        // Do something.
app.configParameters = {
    aNameForTheSelectWidget: {
        options: [
            'This is the initial value',
            'This is another value',
            'This is the third value'
    aNameForTheRangeWidget: {
        min: -90,
        max: 90


app.onresize = function () {
  // Do something.

Get width and height of the chart area

var width = myChart.getWidth();
var height = myChart.getHeight();

Update example snapshots

npm run build:example

Only for default theme

node tool/build-example.js -t default

Run e2e tests.

Run all the examples to test package publishing and install, module importing, minimal bundling and DTS correctness.

Before run the tests. you need to update the examples.

npm run build:example

Then run the tests.

npm run test:e2e

You can change the testing branch or local dir, which is available when add --local in e2e/config.js

If you want to test with esbuild bundler. Which is much faster.

npm run test:e2e:esbuild

If you want use the packages in your local folder which is still in developing. Please update the dir path in test/config.js for all packages first. Then run the script directly with --local arg.

node e2e/main.js --bundler esbuild -m --local
node e2e/main.js --bundler webpack -m --local

Run partial tests.

Note: This can only be used when you run the whole e2e test at least once.

Skip specific stages.

node e2e/main.js --skip bundle

Specify matched tests.

node e2e/main.js --skip npm --tests bar3D*