• [Feature] Add roundCap option for round corners on bar series width polar coordinate system. #11393 (Wenli Zhang)

  • [Feature] Add event brushEnd for brush component #11285(Jian Cui)

  • [Feature] Add friction option in force layout of graph. #11276 (Yi Shen)

  • [Feature] Add ignoreFoceLayout option in the graph links. #11445 (TYzzt)

  • [Feature] Add axisType in the indicator of radar series. #11324(zifix)

  • [Feature] Add clip option in candllestick series. #11529 (Yi Shen)

  • [Fix] Fix lots of label positioning issues in SVG renderer. ecomfe/zrender#519 (Shuang Su)

  • [Fix] Fix interval issues related to category axis tick. Like areaStyle.color is incorrect in #10948, xAxis.axisTick.interval is calculated incorrectly in #11176 . #11186 (foolzhang)

  • [Fix] Fix bar series can't display on the log axis. #11472(SnailSword)

  • [Fix] Fix tooltip may be covered by the canvas when -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch on iOS 13. ecomfe/zrender#522 (Shuang Su)

  • [Fix] Fix some of labels on category axis may disappear forever after chart resized. #11536 (Shuang Su)

  • [Fix] Fix brush drag gets stuck when the mouse leaves the chart area. #11516 (Shuang Su)

  • [Fix] Fix image symbol may disappear forever after legend toggled. #11515 (Feng Yu)

  • [Fix] Fix changing from 'scroll' type to 'plain' type not work bug in legend. #11504 (Feng Yu)

  • [Fix] Optimize layout and bar width of bar series on time axis and value axis. Make the barMaxWidth has higher priority than barWidth. Add barMinWidth for bar series on time axis and value axis. #11479 (Wenli Zhang, Shuang Su)

  • [Fix] Fix title of toolbox icon may be cut by the container. #11456 (Wenli Zhang)

  • [Fix] Fix precision issue in the ticks calculating. #11488 (Wenli Zhang)

  • [Fix] Fix rotate property of label not work in tree series. #11457 (Deqing Li)

  • [Fix] Fix edge won't disappear after collapsed if the id is duplicated in tree series. #11447 (Deqing Li)

  • [Fix] Fix data disappear when updating with dataset in gauge series. #11373 (Wenli Zhang)

  • [Fix] Fix gradient on bar leaked to label in SVG Renderer. (Wenli Zhang)


  • [Feature] Add option clip for line, bar, lines, scatter and custom series, which prevents the shapes overflow the area of the coordinate system. And support setting filterMode on toolbox.dataZoom. Fix #9200, #10224, #10748, #11086.

  • [Feature] Support “select all” and “reverse select” buttons in legend. See legend.selector for details.

  • [Feature] Provide echarts.graphic.registerShape and echarts.graphic.getShapeClass. The registered shape classes can be used in custom series and graphic component.

  • [Feature] Support show border style on legend item. Support setting itemStyle on legend. Fix #7340.

  • [Feature] Support expansion animation for data update, support pie-series.animationTypeUpdate. Fix #11029.

  • [Feature] Support setting rippleEffect.color in effectScatter.

  • [Feature] Support using BaiduMap API version 3.0 in bmap by option bmap.mapStyleV2.

  • [Fix] Fix that the stacked bar exceed zoom limit. Fix #7534, #7672, #7732, #7872, #8069, #8520, #8935, #8955, #9200, #9237, #9847, #10359, #10518, #10972.

  • [Fix] Fix that sometimes when using “toolbox dataZoom” it can not return to the original state. Fix #11055.

  • [Fix] Fix the texture pattern rendering in map and geo. And Fix that the the shadow of them are different between canvas renderer and SVG renderer. Fix #11055, #5429.

  • [Fix] Fix that data does not rendered after a NaN value in candlestick. Fix #11101.

  • [Fix] Fix geo.label.formatter does not work. Fix #8489.

  • [Fix] Fix the hover style incorrect in custom series. Fix #11103.

  • [Fix] Fix that tree root node disappears after roaming. Fix #10291, #10986, #10164, #9580, #9256, #9216.

  • [Fix] Fix that SVG renderer should render normally despite hover layer set. Fix #11054.

  • [Fix] Add dispose checking for chart instance.


  • [Feature] Sankey diagram enhancement: Add left/right node align, right in sankey diagram. Support user to specify the depth of the node. Enhance sankey node tooltip formatter. Add depth layout info for each node.

  • [Feature] Support callback in series.symbol. Contributed by PR #9664 originally.

  • [Feature] Enhance Pie chart: Support minShowLabelAngle. Contributed by PR #8997 originally. Support label rotate in pie chart. Fix #10045.

  • [Feature] Support backgroundColor for connected charts in toolbox. toolbox.feature.saveAsImage.connectedBackgroundColor can be used to set the background color. Fix #10099.

  • [Feature] Enhance toolbox: Enable to set text style of toolbox. Support tooltip for toolbox. Fix #10202.

  • [Feature] Enhance dataZoom: Normalize illegal range setting and get accurate start/end/startValue/endValue in 'dataZoom' event.

  • [Feature] Add dimensionNames and encode info to callback parameters of formatters. Fix #10248 and Close #10250.

  • [Feature] Funnel enhancement: series.label.position support to set rightTop, rightBottom, leftTop, leftBottom. And fix style in funnel text position.

  • [Fix] Support mouse event in iOS when css transform used. Fix #9434, #8326, #5009, #5921.

  • [Fix] Use a clearer warning message when initing dom without size. Fix #10478.

  • [Fix] Fix that the rgba opacity does not work in SVG renderer. Fix #9014

  • [Fix] Enhance funnel chart label display policy PR #8759

  • [Fix] Fix the highlight/downplay of pie graphic.

  • [Fix] Fix the mouse pointer in force graph. Fix #7764, contributed by PR #9134.

  • [Fix] Fix that symbol and symbolSize and opacity does not work in series[i]-graph.categories[i]. Fix #8009 and #5969, contributed by PR #9171.

  • [Fix] Fix that axisLine.show does not work in the gauge. Fix #9194, contributed by PR #9195.

  • [Fix] Fix a display error when the first data item is ‘-’ in radar. Fix 8962.

  • [Fix] Fix polygon rendering bug when the first value is NaN. Fix #8962, contributed by PR #9162.

  • [Fix] Fix text truncate bug in treemap when using SVG renderer.

  • [Fix] Fix that label.rotate does not work in graph. Fix #9182, contributed by PR #9210.

  • [Fix] Fix the rich content hiding bug and confine bug in tooltip. Fix ecomfe/echarts-for-weixin#360, ecomfe/echarts-for-weixin#347.

  • [Fix] Fix that callback function params.color is incorrect in sunburst area. Fix #8952, contributed by PR #9238.

  • [Fix] Fix that when axisLabel.interval of a category axis is set as 0, all labels are displayed regardless of overlap. Fix #9589.

  • [Fix] Fix sub-pixel in markLine. Move subPixelOptimize to zrender. Fix #9598.

  • [Fix] Fix that when doing clear on click handler error is thrown. Fix #9649.

  • [Fix] Fix that false value in data items effect subsequent items in visualMap. Fix #8799.

  • [Fix] Enhance hoverStyle and highlight/downplay API. Support keep highlighted when changing style (e.g., setOption or hoverLink). Fix the highlight conflict.

  • [Fix] Fix radar line disappear on hover when there is empty value in data.

  • [Fix] Fix that geo map panning not working on Edge browser. Fix #9479.

  • [Fix] Fix map label bugs: Fix map rich label missing when missing data. Fix map label miss to enter formatter when missing data. Fix #9682.

  • [Fix] Enable triggerEvent for label of angleAxis. Fix #9765.

  • [Fix] Fix that the hover style bugs of graph: Fix that the hover style is disabled by focusNodeAdjacency in graph. Fix that the line label can not be returned to its original opacity after "focusNodeAdjacency".

  • [Fix] Lift the axis line arrow over splitLine and tick.

  • [Fix] Fix that the scrollable legend pager does not work when the target index is illegal. Fix #7568.

  • [Fix] Exclude padding from tooltip position, since it's included in clientWidth. Contributed by PR #9750.

  • [Fix] Fix barWidth calculation when stack on multiple polars. Fix #9626.

  • [Fix] Loop to find the first non-NaN angle for clipPath in pie.

  • [Fix] Fix line width in singleAxis. Fix #9965.

  • [Fix] Fix the label bounding rect calculation error when rich used (e.g., containLabel: true while axisLabel has rich).

  • [Fix] Part of emphasis in sunburst do not work. Fix #9563, constributed by PR #9993.

  • [Fix] Add seriesId in pieselectchanged. Fix #9830.

  • [Fix] Fix that axis name align does not work. Fix #9901.

  • [Fix] Fix taht the strange label position when the pie chart series data value is null. Fix #10088.

  • [Fix] Do not create an anchor element if you don't need to in SaveAsImage. Contributed by PR #10132.

  • [Fix] Fix that axisLabel dost not display correctly in radar. Fix #9282, contributed by PR #10036.

  • [Fix] Fix that bar chart is abnormal when filterMode of dataZoom is ‘empty’. Fix #9882.

  • [Fix] Fix series.label.formatter callback bug. Fix #10248, contributed by PR #10250.

  • [Fix] Fix that the last axis labels are duplicated. Fix #10304.

  • [Fix] Fix that setting emphasis.lineStyle.type as solid dose not work. Fix #9704, close #10129.

  • [Fix] Fix that if some negetive numbers or strings existing in the dimensions array, the corresponding line will not show. Fix #10343.

  • [Fix] Fix that when '0' existing in dimentions the chart do not work. Make backward compat when dimention is a number-like string. Fix #9363, contributed by PR #9388.

  • [Fix] Fix hover style on textStroke bug in custom series.

  • [Fix] Fix graph bug when data is number typed. Fix #10485.

  • [Fix] Fix that axisPointer label padding does not work. Fix #10569.

  • [Fix] Add dimIndex for callback formatter in radar. Close #10403, #10180, contributed PR #10437.

  • [Fix] Prevent treamap from using hover layer by default. Fix #10521. Ref #10635.

  • [Fix] Update pointer when type is none. Fix #10570.

  • [Fix] Enhance circular layout: based on symbol size and fix overlap when some value are very smaller than the max value. Fix #10462, Close #10615.

  • [Fix] Support click and tooltip in bar large mode. Fix #10699.


  • [Fix] Fix text cache problem. See #9190, #9597, #9762.

  • [Fix] Fix that in some case re-setOption in event handler throws error. See #9649.

  • [Fix] Fix that geo region problem causes showTip abnormal. See #9156.

  • [Fix] Fix that stacked bars are over cartesian in some cases. See #9346.

  • [Fix] Fix that legend is not able to scroll when the space is not enough to contain one item. See #6743, #8971, #9471.

  • [Fix] Fix that the centered pie label might has some bias on some angles. See #9657.

  • [Fix] Fix that Geo map panning is not working on MS Edge browser See #9479.

  • [Fix] Fix that label dispaly problem in map series. See #9682.

  • [Fix] Fix that visualMap: false set on data items makes subsequent items abnormal. See #8799.

  • [Fix] When axisLabel.interval of a category axis is set as 0, all labels show regardless of overlap. See #9589.

  • [Fix] Fix grid(cartesian) did not render when both containLabel and axisLabel.rich used.

  • [Fix] Fix license statement.

  • [Fix] Fix rich text boundingRect bug.


Recovery build

Fix the problem that bar progressive was blocked.


  • [Feature] Support non-html tooltip, which enable show tooltip on non-html environment, for example, WeChat Mini App. Use tooltip.renderMode to enable this feature.

  • [Feature] Support event filtering, which enable listen event triggered by specified component, series, data items. See chart.on for details, where a new parameter query provided this feature. Support event listening for custom series and graphic component, where specified events from the specified graphic elements can be listened by the query.

  • [Feature] Enable implementing scroll bar by dataZoom (similar behavior as the browser scroll bar), see dataZoom-inside.moveOnMouseWheel, and see the Gantt example.

  • [Feature] Support focusing node adjacency in sankey diagram. See focusNodeAdjacency and example.

  • [Feature] Support vertical layout of sankey diagram, see series-sankey.orient and Vertical sankey example.

  • [Feature] Support roam for tree diagram. See series-tree.roam.

  • [Feature] Enable to set an axis as -1 in encode for custom series, which indicates that the axis and its corresponding dataZoom do not control any dimension of the series (either calculate axis extent by this series nor scale or filter this series). See Gantt example.

  • [Feature] Enable layout 'cover' in path shape for custom series, which brings convenience when using SVG PathData create shapes. See Gantt example.

  • [Feature] Enhance custom series: Added params.actionType, enables some optimize. And addparams.coordSys.zoom for geo coordinate system. Add invisible and ignore to enable show and hide graphic elements in different situation.

  • [Feature] Support inner radius for radar. See #8717.

  • [Fix] Fix polar category axis interval bug. See #8791.

  • [Fix] Do not support set polar center on series. Center should be set on polar.center.

  • [Fix] Update normal shadow style for sunburst. See #8583.

  • [Fix] Fix empty dataset problem. See #8395.

  • [Fix] Fix bar start position when multiple axes exists. See #8747.

  • [Fix] Remove clipPath for expansion animation. See #8994.

  • [Fix] Fix axes overlap when two Y axes are on one X axis. See #8975.


  • [Feature] Enable candlestick and bar chart rendering and zooming in a large amount of data (200K). Add option series-candlestick.progressiveChunkMode to enhance the effect when progressively rendering. See example candlestick-large.

  • [Feature] Add tree directions from right to left, from bottom to top for tree series. #7351 #7154. See example tree-orient-right-left, tree-vertical.

  • [Feature] Support keeping-aspect for legend path. #7831

  • [Feature] Support node dragging for sankey chart. See example sankey-energy.

  • [Enhance] Category axis enhancement:

    • Optimize the performance in a large amount of data (> 100K ~ 1M)
    • Enhance the auto interval strategy.
    • Enhance the animation when zooming and moving the data window of cartesian.
  • [Enhance] In line chart, enhance symbol display strategy when using category axis (see showAllSymbol:'auto').

  • [Enhance] Support that lift the brushed elements to the top (add option visualMap.inRange.liftZ).

  • [Enhance] Enhance the order of nodes for sankey diagram. #3390 #3543 #6365 #4880 #4986

  • [Enhance] Enhance sampling performance in progressive mode.

  • [Enhance] Enhance parallel performance in progressive mode.

  • [Enhance] Currently do not filter empty data item in data zoom, which makes line chart keeping broken. #7955

  • [Enhance] Support toolbox.feature merge.

  • [Fix] Resolve browser become unresponsive when the data of sankey series has cycle. #7495 #8117 #7583 #7325 #6555

  • [Fix] yAxis extent did not update when some of the stacked bar series hide. #8003

  • [Fix] Currently we fetch name from dateItem.name firstly in list. #7966

  • [Fix] Typed array incorrect usage in WeChat app.

  • [Fix] option in axis data item did not work. #7954

  • [Fix] markArea only displayed the last one. #7902

  • [Fix] Fixed the WeChat environment imprecise detection.

  • [Fix] Rounding error in clip symbol for line chart. #7913

  • [Fix] The default tooltip in candlestick only showed one item. #8149

  • [Fix] Bar chart start point was incorrect when multiple axes exist. #7412

  • [Fix] markArea did not display when using ordinal string. #7849

  • [Fix] dataZoom threw error when series was empty. #7666

  • [Fix] Add compatibility of data exceptions for sankey series. #2867

  • [Fix] Fix error when removing node or rendering again for the tree series. #8038 #8040 #7720 #7363 #7315

  • [Fix] sunburst chart roll-up element was not removed when chart.setOption called. #8132

  • [Fix] SVG axisPointer text position bug. #7947

  • [Fix] Large lines chart render bug in large mode.

  • [Fix] The last day of a month was not displayed in calendar. #8045

  • [Fix] Data sampling of line chart caused incorrect extent when data had NaN.

  • [Fix] Data sampling of line chart worked abnormally when using series.encode. #8017

  • [Fix] legendHoverLink: false did not work appropriately when multiple series had the same name. #8010

  • [Fix] Some of the graph hover style did not work.

  • [Fix] Fix axis extent calculation error when using stack.


[Recovery Build]

  • [^] Fixed bar layout problem. See #7831.



  • [^] Fixed that in some case the scollable legend (legend.type: 'scroll') caused ghost. See #7502.

  • [^] Fixed that the selected option did not work in the data item of pie. See #7515.

  • [^] Fixed play button of timeline component could not be disabled. See #7506.



  • [+] Supported to render up to tens millions of data directly. ECharts4 has upgrade to stream architecture, and along with detailed optimization, it has supported to render incrementally loaded data and support progressive rendering.

    • Ten millions of GIS data probably take up to about hundreds MB of space. In this case chunked data loading or WebStock is required for the purpose of display graphics as soon as possible and not blocking the browser while processing loaded data. The samples of incremental data loading can be checked here: scatterGL-gps and linesGL-ny, who use ECharts GL, and lines-ny, who only uses ECharts.
    • Supported the human interactions in the big data scenario, where continuous interactions (e.g., roam in geo and cartesian) will not block the browser. Benefit from the using of GPU and avoiding of layout recalculation, ECharts GL provides smooth interactions, which has been demonstrated in the examples above. Without WebGL, the basic ECharts implements progressive rendering to support non-blocking interaction, which can be checked at the pan and zoom in lines-airline and scatter-large.
  • [+] Published ZRender SVG Rendering Engine as an alternative backend of ECharts besides the existing Canvas Rendering Engine. The choice of rendering engine usually depends on the scenario, for example, benefit from the low memory cost, SVG Rendering Engine is suitable for mobile device, or the case that many ECharts instances exists in a single page, while the Canvas Rendering Engine is suitable for big data rendering or when visual effects required. Canvas Rendering Engine is default rendering engine. See zrender.

  • [+] Published Sunburst Chart to visualize hierarchical data efficiently with excellent interactions. See [examples] and (excellent) and docs.

  • [+] Published dataset component to support data based configuration, visual encoding and data sharing in different series.

  • [+] Supported WAI-ARIA (the Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite) to help the disabled people to access the data visualization in web.

  • [+] Since ECharts4, the options label and itemStyle has been flattened. The original level of normal is not needed any more, which make ECharts option more neat. As always, The previous option style in ECharts3 is still be compatible.

  • [+] Added two color themes, named ‘light’ and ‘dark’. Apply them by echarts.init(dom, themeName);.

  • [+] Supported that auto collect legend names when legend.data is not specified.

  • [+] Supported that auto collect category names when axis.type is 'category' and axis.data is not specified.


  • [^] Fixed that registerMap is null on index*.js.
  • [^] Fixed some CommonJS incorrect brought by injection.


  • [^] Fixed backward compatibility problems brounght by 3.8.0:
    • In 3.8.0, the content in lib directory is the same as the content in src directory (both are ES Module), which may not compatible with the old verisons of node and webpack. So rollback to commonJS format in lib of 3.8.2.
    • In 3.8.0, the source code in src constains global variable __DEV__ (which prints dev helper info for echarts users). To get the declaration of the global variable, users should include echarts/src/config.js manually or make some settings in webpack/rollup (Check custom build tutorial please), which is not backward compatible. So we have removed __DEV__ from the codes in echarts/lib/** in 3.8.2. If dev helper info is required, use codes in echarts/src/**.
    • After 3.8, echarts/src/echarts.js (the same as echarts/lib/echarts.js in 3.8.0) does not include util methods, which used to be mounted on it. Now util methods are listed in echarts/src/export and mounted on echarts/echarts*.js. But it is not backward compatibility, so we have rollbacked to mount them on echarts/lib/echarts.js in 3.8.2.
    • The way of including echarts/extension/dataTool, havs been rollbacked to the original approach before 3.8, where it must be included explicitly, and the namespace will be mounted on echarts namespame.
  • [^] Fixed the problem that SVG renderer throws error when encounter null value.


  • [+] Supported Tree Chart, including horizontal layout, vertical layout, radial layout.

  • [+] Supported SVG Renderer (beta), enable developers to choose SVG or Canvas renderer based on their platfroms and functional requirments.

  • [+] Source code of echarts has been switched to ES Module, which enabled tree shaking of bundle and reduced size.

  • [+] Supported build scripts for creating custom build, including multiple language support. See custom build tutorial. And added Finnish support, which is contributed by xvaara in PR #6863.

  • [+] Supported axis arrow. See #6675.

  • [+] Supported strokeWidth and strokeColor in treemap. See #6804.

  • [+] Supported show adjacent nodes in graph. See #6772.

  • [^] Fixed the area calculation when grid.containLabel is true and axis is rotated. Thanks xvaara for PR #6951.

  • [^] Fixed that the calculation of interval is not incorrect when axisLabel.rotate is set in category axis. See #4170. Thankslanyuechen for PR #6903.

  • [^] Fixed the negative problem in dataTool.prepareBoxplotData. Thanks d-rudolf for PR #6749.

  • [^] Enhanced the label interval of time axis. Thanks xiaoshan00 for PR #6808.

  • [^] Supported radiusAxis.inverse. See #6805 and #4253.

  • [^] Renamed some variables to avoid webpack special variable name. See #6788.

  • [^] Fixed position problem of scrollable legend. See #6756.

  • [^] Fixed that the themeRiver legend color is incorrect. See #6932.

  • [^] Fixed that brush empty value caused error thrown. See #6892.

  • dist/echarts/echarts.simple.js do not includ utils, which used to be mounted on echarts. dist/echarts/echarts.common.js and dist/echarts/echarts.js keep including them as before. And developers can custom build to include them.

  • Changes about dataTool: When using dist/echarts/echarts.simple.js or dist/echarts/echarts.common.js, dist/echarts/extension/dataTool.js should be manually included as before, but the namespace dataTool will not be mounted to echarts. When using dist/echarts/echarts.js, echarts.dataTool is included automatically by default.



[Recovery Build]


  • [+] Supported Rich Text, which has enabled style configuring to some text snippets or the entire text block, and supported using images in text, and supported alignment or rotation of text block or snippets.

  • [+] Supported Scrollable Legend, which provides a solution for displays planty of legend items. See vertical legendhorizontal legend.

  • [+] Flatten textStyle option. textStyle exist in echarts option everywhere, for example, series-bar.label.normal.textStyle, xAxis.axisLabel.textStyle. It seems that some of them are to deep and verbose. So we removed the level of textStyle to flatten them. That is, previous label.normal.textStyle.fontSize, axisLabel.textStyle.fontSize is modified to label.normal.fontSize, axisLabel.fontSize after v3.7. Of course, the previous style is compatible all the same. Those options are flattened:

    • axisPointer.textStyle
    • xAxis.axisLabel.textStyle
    • yAxis.axisLabel.textStyle
    • radar.axisLabel.textStyle
    • singleAxis.axisLabel.textStyle
    • radiusAxis.axisLabel.textStyle
    • angleAxis.axisLabel.textStyle
    • parallel.parallelAxisDefault.axisLabel.textStyle
    • parallelAxis.axisLabel.textStyle
    • series.label[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • series.data.label[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • series-gauge.axisLabel.textStyle
    • series-gauge.title.textStyle
    • series-gauge.detail.textStyle
    • series-treemap.upperLabel[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • series-graph.edgeLabel[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • calendar.dayLabel.textStyle
    • calendar.monthLabel.textStyle
    • calendar.yearLabel.textStyle
    • markPoint.label[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • markPoint.data.label[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • markLine.label[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • markLine.data.label[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • markArea.label[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • markArea.data.label[normal|emphasis].textStyle
    • tooltip.axisPointer.crossStyle.textStyle
    • axisPointer.label.textStyle
    • timeline.label.textStyle
    • radar.name.textStyle
  • [+] Supported minInterval on time axis (that is, axis.type is 'time'), and supported maxInterval on value axis (that is axis.type is 'value'). So that it is enabled to controll the precision of label when data zooming.

  • [+] Supported xAxis.axisLine.onZeroAxisIndex, which enables specifing corresponding relationship when multiple axes used and onZero is required. See #5069.

  • [+] Supported that do not use coordinate system in custom series.

  • [+] Supported rotation and alignment of label in bar chart. See rotate, align, verticalAlign. See example. See #5309.

  • [+] Supported radar.indicator.color, which enables setting different color for each indicator of radar chart. See #6128.

  • [+] Supported dataZoom.rangeMode, which can fixing zoom window according to data when data updated. See #6128.

  • [+] Supported using dataIndex in action.legend.legendToggleSelect, action.legend.legendSelect, action.legend.legendUnSelect. See #4242.

  • [+] Supported map.label.formatter, which enables using rich text in map series. See Map Labels.

  • [+] Supported title.borderRadius and legend.borderRadius, which enables round corner of background or border in title and legend component.

  • [^] Fixed that error thrown when using shadow in pie series in some version of IE. See #5777.

  • [^] Fixed that name can not be obtained in tooltip when nameMap was used in map serise and there was no data in some areas. See #5633.

  • [^] Fixed tooltip location incorrect after roamed in bmap extension. See #6211.

  • [^] Fixed null pointer exception of axisPointer. See #6121.

  • [^] Fixed that error occured when height of heatmap was 0. See #6214.

  • [+] Fixed the incorrect rendering when the first entry was empty in candlestick. See #6059.

  • [^] Fixed that series-bar.dimensions did not work. See #6252.

  • [^] Fixed that when chilren number of group was not fixed, they could not be removed correctly in custom series.

  • [^] Fixed the error that calling connect before setOption called. See #6281.

  • [^] Fixed the edge judgement of tooltip.confine. See #6277 and 0da06d8.

  • [^] Fixed that bar series displayed abnormal when viewport was narrow and bar series were overlapped (both set barWidth and barGap: '-100%'). See #6312.

  • [^] Fixed precision problems. See #6371.



[Recovery Build]



  • [^] Fixed the clipPath support for liquidfill.
  • [^] Fixed the position when label is set as insideTop.
  • [^] Fixed the problem when transforming SVG PathData.


  • [^] Fixed the problem when both left right width top bottom height are set. See #5440.

  • [^] Fixed the problem when input x,y to showTip. See #5449.

  • [^] Enhanced the effect of boundaryGap when only one data existed. See #4417.

  • [^] Fixed animation easing setting of gauge. See #5451.

  • [^] Made the sorting of treemap stable when values were the same.

  • [^] Fixed that roam and brush conflicted when components overlaped.

  • [^] Enlarged area of parallel axis name when it rotates.

  • [^] Enabled toolbox clear button to be able to clear brush box of parallelAxis.

  • [^] Improved the performance of zrender up to 50%.


  • [+] Supported useUTC, which enables display axisLabel and tooltip in local time or UTC. Related default setttings are modified: axisLabel and tooltip display local time by default, and data recognize time string as local time if timezone not specified. See the time part in series.data. Fixed the problem that when axis.type is 'time' tick is determined by UTC and can not align with daytime. Fixed #5396 and #5393.

  • [+] Supported axisLabel.showMinLabel and axisLabel.showMaxLabel.

  • [+] Supported funnel.sort, which enables sorting funnel by index or customized function.

  • [^] Fixed float error of axisTick. See #5041.

  • [^] Fixed that axisTick did not display when value was too small. See #5386.

  • [^] Fixed when tooltip.trigger was 'axis', dispatchAction showTip did not work. See #5423.

  • [^] Fixed that visualMap disabled itemStyle of map. See #5388.

  • [^] Fixed that tooltip.trigger did not support 'none'. See #5400.

  • [^] Fixed problem of sankey on ie11. See #3306.

  • [^] Fixed that data.lineStyle.color of parallel did not work. See #5363.


Recovery Build


















  • 【+】add in radar chart, see https://ecomfe.github.io/echarts-doc/public/en/option.html#series-radar

  • [^] position optimization of average, minimum and maximum value starting point and finishing point. Fix #2762, #2688.

  • [^] fix the only one configuration for ‘‘none’’ bug in markLine symbol. See #2733

  • [^]optimization of vertically centered multiple yext lines.

  • [^] emphasis configuration item of label in data item as pie chart is normal value by dafualt.

  • [^] when introdcued on need, line chart, pie chart and scatter chart introduce grid component by dafault to avoid problems in#2758.

  • [^] fix floating point precision bug in dataZoom component. Fix #2757

  • [^] unselected legend chart is grey. See #2615

  • [^] fix dataZoom position failure bug in media query of 3.1.1. Fix #2710

  • [^] fix firefox's incapability of triggering wheel events bug in 3.1.1 中. Fix #2730

  • [^] IE8 optimization.

  • [^] change to webpack to build code.


  • 【+】provide theme download,see details in http://echarts.baidu.com/download-theme.html

  • [^] fix the bug that update data can not be shown in setOption` after emptying line chart data in v3.1.1.

  • [^] fix possiblity of reporting id duplicates error in setOption(chart.getOption()) . Fix #2635

  • [^] allow to customize toolbox toobar. See details in toolbox.feature

  • [^] scale optimization of 'time' type axis in large-span time range.

  • [^] fix no show of label formatter return to 0.Fix #2659

  • [^] fix markPoint label display error in charts with vertical axis as category axis.Fix #2641

  • [^] optimize dataZoom, fix dynamic data update problem in dataZoom chart. Fix #2667

  • [^] percentage is 0 rather than NaN when all pie chart data are zero. Fix #2690

  • [^] title alignment optimization.

  • [^] support display of tooltip when charts update. Fix #2478

  • [^] dashboard splitLine.length, axisTick.length supports percentage.

  • [^] optimization of line animation feature.

  • [^] optimization of category axis feature of large data amount .

  • [^] fix error reporting bug of markPoint and markLine in IE8.

  • [^] fix error reporting bug under 'use strict'model. Fix #2643


  • 【+】newly add npm channel to obtain echarts, see details in webpack + echarts tutorial

  • [^] fix abnormal indynamic markPoint and markLine . Fix #2522

  • [^] fix parameter error in axis interval callback. Fix #2470

  • [^] fix failure in customizing lineStyle of every edge in graph. Fix #2558

  • [^] saveAsImage supports IE9+ and FireFox in toolbox.

  • [^] support cylindrical corner configuration. #2550

  • [^] fix error in dataZoom location configuration item. Fix #2619

  • [^] fix possible id duplicate error when fix setOption for too many times.Fix #2452

  • [^] candlestick and boxplot chart support markPoint and markLine.Fix #2566

  • [^] fix reset error in toolbox after use setOption in non-merge model.Fix #2596

  • [^] scatter chart and markPoint support configurating label formatter in emphasis. Fix #2596

  • [^] Treemap supports roam configuration item.

  • [^] axis of time type support time data of string format.

  • [^] fix switch problem in Line and area charts. Fix #2625

  • [^] location optimization of multiple series of bar chart markPoint. Fix #2623

  • [^] fix error reporting in init when theme is string and has dataZoom component. Fix #2619

  • [^] legend and toolbox support setting height and width and wrap automatically through width and height.Fix #2621

  • [^] optimization of line chart smooth, add insmoothMonotone configuration item, see details in option.html#series-line.smoothMonotone, Fix #2612

  • [^] fix incapability to trigger mouse events on computers with touch screen like Surface and so on. Fix #2569


  • [^] fix highlight failture in scatter chart.

  • [^] optimize tooltip linkage. Fix #2445

  • [^] dataZoom of inside type support zoomLock.

  • [^] add error alert of non-exist map type.

  • [^] optimize legend switch animation of line chart.

  • [^] fix problem about Legends cannot be added dynamically. Fix #2457

  • [^] fix timeline's incapability to configutate show.

  • [^] fix 0 data shown as undefined in tooltip .Fix #2463

  • [^] fix incorrect display of dataZoom zoom graphic. Fix #2462

  • [^] fix the problem of axis min max as string, PR #2481


  • [+] add getOption and clear method

  • [^] fix average value, maximum value and minimum vaule label and the incapability to show correct value of tooltip. Fix #2393

  • [^] fix drawing incorrectness when bar chart has bigger width than height, Fix #2343

  • [^] fix the function problem of legend show configuration item. Fix #2371

  • [^] map type can choose data attribute.

  • [^] fix average mark and mark calculation errors, Fix #2367

  • [^] animation optimization when line chart change from '-' no data to data.

  • [^] mouse wheel zoom direction change to ommonly used one.

  • [^] data area zoom tool in toolbar support specified axis, see detail intoolbox document

  • [^] fix no data error on timeline, scale change from [-1, 1] to [0, 1] when data value axis has no data.

  • [^] fix drawing error of axis splitArea.

  • [^] fix multiple chart example linkage problem. Fix #2391

  • [^] fix the problem that color on legend cannot display correctly with pie chart color being callback function. Fix #2372

  • [^] fix mouse hover errors when pie chart data is 0.

  • [^] when all pie chart data are 0, secotrs changed to uniform distribution.

  • [^] fix errors in background seeting under IE 8.

  • [^] fix incorrect release event in tooltip component dispose.


  • The new echarts